Thu, Sep 18, 2014
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Monthly Board Meetings

The RMRA hosts monthly board meetings on the 3rd Sunday of every month.  Location is the Prehn Dental Office, 413 Jefferson St., Wausau.  This is next door to the Grand Theater.  All meetings start at 6PM.  All amateur radio operators are welcome.

New Website

The RMRA is proud to welcome you to our new website.  This project started in beginning of 2013 and a majority of the work was done in the Summer.  In the coming weeks you will find even more up to date information about the RMRA on this site.  So please excuse us if some things are not 100% yet.  New this year, all current members of the RMRA will have access to the members page at  An email with your login information will be sent to you soon.  More to come!

Latest News

D-star Registration and D-Plus Dashboard: The links to the D-star Registration page and D-Plus Dashboard have been updated. You should now be able to register again and view the dashboard.